PHYSICS – What’s really going on in black holes at the center of our galaxies, FOR KIDS


PHYSICS – What’s really going on in black holes at the center of our galaxies, FOR KIDS
What’s really going on in Black Holes at the center of our galaxies is . . .
empty space.

As a former Naval Officer I have ridden through a Black Hole in a Typhoon off the coast of Sasebo,a Navy port in Japan). So you don’t have to go to outer space to understand how Black Holes work.

All FORMS live in empty space
“The FORM all Mater takes depends upon the conditions in which each FORM (a cow/an apple/you/your cell phone) exists in empty space.”
                                            H Stanley Judd

As a galaxy forms and a new star uplifts itself out of Dark Space into Light Space, the star creates a new FORM – a Galaxy like our Milky Way with one more star.
As the electromagnetic radiation (beginning with the gamma ray) in a star cools, the star becomes heavier
and spirals downward toward the bottom of the Galaxy.
Until it finally falls out of the galaxy downward through the Black Hole into empty Dark Space.

Here is an experiment you can do right now.
1. Put a plug in a sink and fill it water
2. Crush some potato chips (or other small objects that float) and scatter them in the water
3. Pull the plug
4. Watch what happens and you will now understand how stars fall out of galaxies
through Black Holes into Dark Space.
There are no general forces in our Universe (for example Gravity/time/time-space/ether theories)
Like other past theories in Tribal Physics that proved to be incorrect, (for example/a flat earth/our planet at the center of the Universe); it is time to move the concept of time and time/space
or any other general force controlling our Universe (other than empty space and temperature)) out of Tribal Physics
into PHYSICS (empty space and temperature) outside the Human Condition
Our Universe has never left the present (past and future do not exist)
Instead, if you and I flew to Egypt and rode a camel to touch the Great Pyramid 
The Great Pyramid has never, never left the present.
So what has happened is not FORM moving through TIME (that exists only in the
Human Condition (theory)
But instead FORM  moving through space – NEVER LEAVING THE PRESENT.
and do not exist outside of the Human Condition
The driving force in the universe is temperature.
In Light Space electromagnetic energy leaving a star creates a new FORM
In Dark Space, (where no electromagnetic energy exists (at absolute zero
the electromagnetic wave length in a photon = 0)    all objects with weight
spiral downward and into Dark Space through a Black Hole at the center of a galaxy.
Please remember that what you have just read was discovered in PHYSICS outside
the human condition (the study of Reality, not Tribal Theory)
So make up your mind which Reality you want, to drive the rest of your life.
Good luck
H Stanley Judd



H Stanley Judd
WE all live in empty space

Our Universe (wrong term, there is no Universe, just empty space and FORMS) is governed by temperature
Heat in light space (electromagnetic energy carried by the Photon)

Cold in in Dark Space where at a temperate of absolute zero the electromagnetic energy in a photon = 0 (zero) and it becomes (a tiny speck of dust)

All FORMS with weight (dying stars/dead planets/meteors/ the falling debris in light space, (unless an outside force is applied) always fall in a direction of least resistance through empty space (down)

All FORMS without weight (gas/a balloon filled with helium)(unless an outside force is applied) fall in a direction of least resistance through empty space (up)

There are no generalities in empty space
The current concepts (time, time/space, universal gravity, either, the flat earth, the moon made of cream cheese) do not exist outside the human condition. \

Nothing exists in empty space.

FORMS (an apple/a tree/you/your cell phone) are unique. When two or more FORMS bond, a new FORM is created (flour/apples/sugar/ cinnamon) become a new FORM, an apple pie.

So controlled chaos governs empty space through temperature (Heat/Cold) rules empty space.
And in empty space there is no TIME, no BIG BANG, no TIME/SPACE – Nothing Just empty
And here is how things work in empty space (just FORMS moving about through empty space)
So . . .
“The FORM matter takes always depends upon the conditions in which the FORM exists in empty space.”
Your build a camp fire/with wood and kindling. Light a match A fire burns and a new FORM is created ASHES
Good luck in finding your way through your empty space

Nothing exists in empty space

H Stanley Judd



The Abstract and research that follows is based on three assumptions:

The Abstract and research that follows is based on three assumptions:

1 “All FORMS exist in empty space “There are no general forces driving empty space. TEMPERATURE RULES” – H Stanley Judd

2 “At a temperature of absolute zero (0)Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) the electromagnetic energy level in a photon equals Zero” – H Stanley Judd

“The FORM matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space” – H Stanley Judd

This abstract offers a Universe without the Tribal Physics of Issac Newton (ether) and Einstein (space/time) and suggests that empty space is the only Cosmological Constant.
In empty space: Time(T) does not exist (T) = 0); Space(S) does not exist (space = 0) (Space is just the ‘emptiness’ through which matter/energy travels) And since Time and Space do not exist Timespace (TS) does not exist either (TS)= 0)

The English astronomer Professor Sir Fred Hoyle coined the term “Big Bang”) We live in empty space without singularities; without a Big Bang; without Time and Timespace; without Universal Forces (for example, a universal gravitational force).
Forces are created only by the interaction between matter and space. Space does not exist (empty space) and has no properties and therefore cannot be manipulated, bent or curved.
This Abstract revisits the ‘Big Bang Theory’ and instead suggests that images from Hubble and space probes indicate FORM recycles itself (Sir Fred Hoyle’s Steady State). It presents new evidence that empty space is a Cosmological Constant that neither expands nor contracts. (Matter/energy expands and contracts in space (that doesn’t exist). It questions the existence of Universal Forces (gravity/time/space with properties) and instead offers a fundamental law that applies everywhere to all matter without exception:
“The form matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space” – H Stanley Judd
The Hubble Red Shift not only measures distance but also measures temperature
At a temperature of absolute zero the photon’s electromagnetic wave energy is transformed into mass, into particle matter so the cosmic cycle begins again. Dark matter (matter without electromagnetic radiation) collides to form the birth of a new star in the womb of Dark Space.
When the new object’s weight reaches critical mass it triggers a nuclear event and takes its place as a rising star.
FORMS recycle FORMS recycle FORMS recycle FORMS
Assumptions and Observations

At a temperature of absolute zero (0)Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) the electromagnetic energy level in a photon Equals zero

The FORM matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space

A FORM recycles itself

Temperature, not gravity governs motion

At a temperature of absolute zero the photon’s electromagnetic radiation level (E) Equals zero

We live in empty space.

Matter has three and only three dimensions

We live in Light Space (space in which there is electromagnetic radiation)
Dark Space is space in which at a temperature of absolute zero (0)Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) there is no electromagnetic radiation).

the two primary conditions that determine the FORM matter takes are:
a. Heat (The temperature in our sun’s core is 15 million degrees Celsius)
b. Cold (the temperature at absolute zero is -273.15° Celsius.)

the principal energy source is LIGHT (frequency) (electromagnetic radiation) carried by the photon from the stars.

Electromagnetic radiation is generated by our stars (thermonuclear fusion) and distributed throughout empty space in the form of elementary particles called photons (packets of energy)(gauge bosons). The energy level of a photon depends upon its frequency (E=hv). The higher the frequency the shorter its wave length.

photons that do not collide or become absorbed in light space continue to travel into dark space
As photons enter Dark Space (space without electromagnetic radiation) their frequency level slows until at the temperature of absolute zero (zero heat) their radiation level is reduced to zero. And when molecular motion stops, photons lose their form (plasma) to merge into photon BECs (Boise-Einstein condensation) and become in effect, stardust.
This stardust along with the flotsam and jetsam of dead and dying stars, dust, gas, collide and in Dark Space like a black snowball grow until the mass of the new object creates a nuclear event (thermonuclear fusion) that drives the crust of the new star away from or into the star as the new star rises through the nebula.
So there you have it.
Empty space (the Cosmological Constant) (without Relativity/Time/Space(spacetime) is the Cosmological Constant in which the form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
Whatever you see, be it a bee or a bonnet or a BEC, the same fundamentals are at work.
So the unifying ‘force’ is not a ‘force’ (for example, gravity) but the lack of a unifying ‘force’ … nothing … space … Zero, 0, in which infinite, random forms are created, changed, destroyed and reborn in the conditions in which matter exists in the Space Cosmic Cycle, (in Ordered Chaos)(controlled by Temperature)
There are no general forces either holding together or tearing apart empty space.
The FORM matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
“FORM in empty space recycles itself.”
– H. Stanley Judd
Physics, in the Human Condition, what went wrong?
“Physics without philosophy is Tribal Physics (Einstein/Newton)(Theory) not an understanding of Physics outside the Human Condition Physics (FORM)
As we face nuclear proliferation (new bombs, new tribal warfare) one has to wonder what happened? What went wrong?”
– H. Stanley Judd

thank you for watching Keep in mind that there are many theories in the human condition that describe how everything works

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How you can find peace of mind for you and your family in the Digital Age


This blog has been crafted to suggest new ways to learn how to find personal peace of mind in our Digital Age

We no longer live in the Tribal Age We have moved into the Digital Age where we have never been before. None of us know how to govern our personal behavior, govern our family behavior or govern the behavior of the Nation in which we live.

So what you will see on this blog are ideas in no way put forth to change your own thinking or beliefs but rather to see if in a civilized manor we can create a better world.

A better world for who?

Our Kids


“To make the United States of America and the planet a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

Thank you for visiting our blog

Where are we now?

In our view, this Nation, the United States of America (and the planet) is in great peril.

As the old Tribal, Political, Financial and Spiritual orders collapse and the new Digital Age begins we will experience a period of turbulence.

How long it will take to establish a new and successful (spiritually – driven) new age government is unpredictable But one thing is clear.

We must modify our Tribal thinking (thinking in our human condition) For example (the tribal physics of Einstein, Newton and the rest)/ our tribal philosophy / our tribal spiritual beliefs/ tranquility in a civilized dialogue.

And the mantra for personal success in the Digital Age (as it has always been) will be simplicity.

Our children deserve better.

Please continue by watching our video that explains what we are doing

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Nuclear war is bad for kids, I know I was there


Up Close and Personal

A view from the Bridge

My interest in physics was not sparked by an autumn afternoon lecture in New Haven.

Nor was it triggered on a chilly February morning in Newport, Rhode Island, by a Chief Petty Officer’s presentation on nuclear weapons . My interest in physics was born on 11 May 1962 at 13:02 pm. 400 nautical miles west of San Diego when, with a British accent, a voice counted down…” -3, -2, -1, 0

I remember that it was a day of intermittent weather but the Pacific was calm. Our ship, the destroyer (USS Samuel N. Moore, DD747) was stationed 6000 yards from an epicenter (surface zero) on which an atomic ASROC (anti-submarine rocket weapon) was to be dropped. Two destroyers (with their entire crew removed) were placed on a rim 2200 yards from surface zero.

My station was on the bridge. Our entire crew had been ordered to go below decks except for onboard test monitors and those of us topside who were standing watch on the bridge. I was wearing an officer’s uniform with short sleeves, with no protective gear

The detonation

I have never heard or seen anything like it. In 16 seconds the spray dome from the detonation rose 2100 feet into the air leaving behind a huge circle of foam-covered radioactive water, a mountain of water where seconds earlier the ocean had been calm.

Then the water fell, the shock wave passed, and the ocean was calm again, as if no physics in the form of fission had just disrupted an otherwise calm and pleasant day at sea.

I walked over to the port side and saw a figure in white standing by the railing on the deck below. I climbed down the port side ladder and walked up to the figure standing by the railing.

The figure wore a thick white protective uniform ( I could not tell whether it was a man or woman) wearing thick protective gear, a thick (glass or plastic) mask protecting the face.

As I stood there with my skin exposed, no protection for my face, arms or legs, the thought crossed my mind that something didn’t add up.

Then I heard the ticking.

The figure’s left hand held a Geiger counter, its needle clicking so fast against the right edge of the instrument, it appeared as if there was too much radiation to measure.

At that moment I knew I was in trouble.

And now 56 years later, a Veteran with service related disabilities resulting from that day, May 11, 1962 at 13:02 pm, 400 nautical miles west of San Diego, from time to time, when I am undergoing cancer surgery or being dosed with (BCG) inactivated tuberculosis bacteria, or when, because my left ear is stone dead, I miss hearing music in stereo (among other things I am a composer and have played the piano since the age of five) , I am not angry.

To the contrary, I am proud that I was honored to serve my country in harms way as a line officer in the United States Navy. The Navy takes care of its own and the Navy has taken good care of me.

If the phone rang tomorrow (I suppose it would be a cell phone these days) and I heard someone at the other end of the line say, “Lieutenant Judd you are reactivated and are ordered to report for duty ASAP.” I would do so gladly.

What did I learn from this lesson?

Though we have little control over the conditions in which matter finds itself in Quasar, 3C 273, we have tremendous control over conditions we can change to halt our slide into environmental catastrophe if we only use our science, our imagination, our common sense and our courage to change our planet for the better. Kids, teenagers, young adults, and ‘yes’ physicists all over the world should know this.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there

Physics at its worst

We don’t want to go down that road again.

“Every time a child is harmed, humanity takes a backward step.”

personal freedom


Our Planet has moved out of the Tribal Age into the Digital Age and if we continue to apply tribal politics, tribal law (in which there has never been Justice) within the human condition and tribal war we will plunge the children of America (and the world) into the dark ages of the global slave state described in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Forty-Eight, war, drug addiction, suffering and painful death for our kids
But there is still hope. If we come together in peace of mind, love, harmony and purpose we can “Make the United States of America a garden in which all American kids (no metter what the color of their skin) can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

H Stanley Judd

Please listen to Barbara Jordan, a former Democratic Congresswoman from Texas

Please hear what we say

May God save the United States of America


Civilization: Art, Poetry, Music & history


In the Digital Age, self government must begin from the bottom up, not the top down. By clearing your currentt thinking you can learn to think utside the human condition.

In this way you will create your own Universe every second of your life and not be a slave to the tribal forces that currently govern the planet in the human condition

To clear your mind, relax, let go of your thinking and learn from what is happening outside your brain.

For example, from art, non-modern music, poetry, nature and peace of mind without the stress, fear and self-inflicted suffering of your tribal thinking