Announcing a new American Philosophy for the Digital Age

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


‘Every time a child is harmed, Humanity takes a backward step’

H Stanley Judd

Can 9 lawyers, 100 Senators and 435 Members of Congress govern 326,766,748 Americans in the Digital Age?

Here is our new philosophy

“Created to make the United States of America a garden in which American Kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

In our view as we move from the Tribal Age into the Digital Age, we finally have a moment we can seize, to govern the Nation, no longer through Tribal Laws (there has never been any Justice in Tribal Laws) but through the unique unalienable rights guaranteed in our Declaration of Independence. In other words, through FREEDOM not FEAR of our own Government.

Isn’t the Declaration our passport to freedom? And the Constitution just the roadmap we can use to get where want to go, in freedom, tranquility, and hope? (denied for 230 years to American Kids who do not have white skin)

In our view, we have lost our way by applying Tribal Laws that give us a roadmap that we can no longer use to get where want to go, but instead, has become a roadmap that forces us to go where the Federal Government and 9 lawyers tell us we have to go.

Ask yourself, is the current State of the Nation what you want for American Kids in their future (more of the same)?

And what is ‘the same‘ ?

The challenge we face as Americans in the Digital Age,

Today, because 9 lawyers have applied Tribal Laws to the Nation (there is no justice in Tribal Law)(And there is no blame here either):

In our view, the Court has for 230 years denied all American Kids, born on American soil, who did not have white skin, their unalienable rights guaranteed them in the Declaration of Independence that one of our ancestor’s brother, Caesar Rodney signed.

*By the way, Caesar Rodney was the first Governor in the new United States of America to ban the importation of slaves into the State of Delaware.

Else why did 9 lawyers allow a State Law to stand that ordered :

“All Americans who have black skin must move to the back of the bus?”

back of bus

Or allowed signs to be posted in public places that said:

“Colored Water only”

colored water

The first time a friend of mine saw it when he was a kid, he smiled and said, “MaMa! What color do you think that water will be?”

Our Philosophy suggests 4 fundamental principles:

1. We know now that the Tribal brain is a digital computer. When you learn that, you can use your Tribal Mind just like you use your computer. You can choose, at every second, what you want to think about:

Whether you want to control your behavior with your Tribal Thinking (your brain) or your Non-Tribal Thinking (thinking outside of the Human Condition)(or both).

Either you learn how to control your Thinking, or your Thinking (past memory, who you think you are, your emotions) will control you.

2, Kulenana. (Hawaiian Culture)

Take personal responsibility for your behavior. There is no ‘blame’ when something goes wrong in your life. Whatever happened, good or bad, you put yourself there. So what to do?

3. To get out, change your behavior and move somewhere else,

4. Here is the fundamental Law of God, or The Force, or Mother Nature, or whatever you want to Call it:

“The form matter takes depends on the conditions in which matter exists in space.”

Once you understand this Universal Law, you will recognize the infinite power you have over your life, in your present and future:

Those things over which you have control and those things over which you have no control but can sometimes avoid by moving someplace else.

Up until now we have all lived in the Tribal Age.

But as we move into the Digital Age, unless we all learn how to think outside the human condition, unless we can treat our fellow Americans, not with hate, but with compassion, understanding, and love, we will find ourselves back in the Dark Ages.

What do you think?