Who speaks for American children in time of War! Isn’t there a better way to govern the Nation?


Nuclear war is bad for kids I know I’ve been there
6,000 yards from the blast

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Physics gone wrong

Who speaks for the mothers and children of Kurdistan, Palestine, Israel, the United States and (Millions? billions?) mothers and children who now suffer the unnecessary pain, hopelessness and death by Tribal Political Physics in the threat of Nuclear War?

Isn’t there a better way to govern our planet in the Digital Age?

Being civilized is sharing the responsibility for protecting all the children in the world from harm

“ Every time a child is harmed, humanity takes a backward step”

– H Stanley Judd

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Our planet is in great peril So we need a new and better way to govern ourselves in the Digital Age

and we are running out of Time

We have moved out of the Tribal Age into the Digital Age in which none of us know how to govern ourselves, our families, our villages, towns and cities or our Nations because We are now moving into a place we have never been before

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