PHYSICS for Kids: Outside the human condition physics all begins with Pi


Personal Discovery

For more than 35 years I have been ‘coaching’ kids to understand how things work ‘outside of tribal physics in the human condition’ and apply whatever they like to manage their life successfully.

I call this process PERSONAL DISCOVERY

1. learn how to think in the empty space in which all FORMS live.

2. Set your goal, your passion for where you want to go in your life (you can change this anytime you like)

3. Apply physics outside of the human condition to power your life from your heart, not your brain.

4. Use ‘mindful thinking’ (Buddha) to be sure your Behavior (any time you do something) will not harm yourself or any other child on the planet

5. And sail into your future on your own with the skills you master along the way to do no harm and leave the planet in better shape for kids than you found it. If each of the soon-to-be 8,000,000,000 of us does this, there is a slim chance we can replace tribal physics with the peace, harmony, and creativity that drives the Cosmos (light carried by the photon).

You should know this.


Hi Kids,

Personal success comes from your understanding of how things work outside the human condition

If you do not understand how things work outside of the human condition, the physics of everything (love/survival/compassion)(all FORMS)(YOU) we risk plunging us all  into the Dark Ages of tribal conflict, personal pain, suffering, and death (for example, death by drone)


This physics/astronomy/site has received visitors from 100 countries including:

United States India United Kingdom Canada Australia Philippines China Italy Brazil Russian Federation Netherlands Germany South Africa Spain Thailand United Arab Emirates Mexico Greece Pakistan Malaysia Poland Sri Lanka Republic of Korea Taiwan Sweden Switzerland Israel Saudi Arabia Portugal Turkey Croatia Madagascar Ukraine Belgium Slovenia Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary Nepal Hong Kong Czech Republic Jordan Colombia Lebanon Indonesia Malawi New Zealand Republic of Moldova Estonia Bulgaria Macao Argentina Austria Uganda Ireland Egypt Panama United Republic of Tanzania Kazakhstan Oman Cambodia Puerto Rico Peru Kenya Georgia Singapore Belize Norway Serbia Viet Nam Macedonia European Union Belarus France Taiwan Ecuador Honduras Trinidad and the Tobago Dominican Republic Japan Grenada El Salvador Bangladesh French Guiana Iceland Romania Algeria Cape Verde Chile Bermuda Venezuela Mongolia Philippines Ethiopia Lithuania Morocco


What follows was created to give you a concept outside of  – (currently established science (tribal physics) you can use to make ‘this planet a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

But first, before you learn how things work,  here are the three fundamental cornerstones you can use to make the best of things happen in your new life in the Digital Age.

Personal success comes from understanding physics outside the human condition. This is easy to do. Just imagine what life on this planted would be if, like the dinosaurs, there wasn’t one human being left on earth. Then let Mother Nature and your heart be the tour guide of your life.

Frank Lloyd Wright said it best:

‘Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you’


Practicing these three fundamentals in your life will enable you to avoid the traps of Tribal thinking. Understanding these three principles will give you the power to take control of your future to flourish and make your dreams come true

Peacefully without conflict


Nelson Mandela said it best:

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself”

“One of the things I learned when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself, I could not change others”

Peacefully without conflict.


1. If there is something you want to change in your personal life (a habit) or in your relationship with any other person in your life (a relationship) see if you can change your behavior and change the behavior of the person you want out of your life.

2. If there is something in your life you want to change and you cannot change it, avoid it. Get out of the way.

3. If there is something in your life you cannot change or avoid, stop worrying about it but be prepared for whatever, good or bad, may come of it into your life.


This is PHYSICS outside the Human Condition.

Unfortunately, Tribal Physics has paid far too little attention to protecting you against the endless pain and suffering existential Tribal Physics brings into your life.

WE are no longer living in the Tribal Age. For the first time ever, we are all now living in the Digital Age with digital technology to communicate at the speed of light. 

I am optimistic that all of you will create a new world in which the new goal for us all will be to: “Make the world a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

Good luck

H Stanley Judd



This is really all you need to know to get your life’s journey started down a path that (if you apply these three fundamentals) you can tap the unlimited power of the ‘life force’ ‘mother nature’ to flourish and make your dreams come true

This process is called ‘Applied Physics outside of the human condition’)



But if you want to learn more about how things work outside the human condition just keep reading πŸ™‚


  1. We (all FORMS) live in empty space

  2. The exclusive source for all energy in the Cosmos is carried by the Photon from stars (suns) that are created (one at a time) in Dark Empty Space at a temperature of absolute zero
  3. The FORM Mass takes depends upon the conditions in which Mass exists in space (goodbye dinosaurs)
  4. It is the Life Force (photons) that evolve the infinite FORMS in the Cosmos.

  6. The FORM of all Mass is a tetrahedron (a triangular pyramid)(a fractal)


What follows is a personal discovery I want to share with you. The object: For you to decide whether it works for you.

OK, let’s start by taking a look at Pi and why PI does not equal 3.143.1415926535897, etc

Instead Pi =

(010101.1)0(10101010)0(10101.01)0(101010101)0(10101010101010101)0(1010)0(10101010101) and so on.

Outside of the human condition Pi equals zero (0)(empty space)one (1)(FORM)zero (0) and so on:


Think about this: Maybe FIRST there was empty dark space and then came theLIGHT. Or maybe both came at the same time? Who cares? There is no PAST or FUTURE outside the Human Condition, only the PRESENT. The concept/theory of TIME does not exist outside of the Human Condition.


1. If there is something you want to change in your personal life (a habit) or in your relationship with any other person in your life (a relationship) see if you can change your behavior and the behavior of the person whose behavior you want out of your life.

Understanding the power of Pi

The power of Pi lies in its empty space, not in its Mass. We are not the first civilization to discover Pi. Its image appears in prehistoric cave paintings, a civilization at least 150,000 years ago in South Africa, applied 12,000 years ago in Gobekli Tepe and everywhere in nature all over planet earth and everywhere in the Cosmos) It is the FORM (a Tetrahedron) in which all Mass exists.

So what is FORM?

Mass that moves through empty space   Mass in MOTION generating energy

And it is Pi (Tetrahedron) in the FORM of a Photon that carries the electromagnetic radiation (energy) in waves through empty space

Pi consists of a FORM (1)(Tau)

for example a brick



The Flying Brick

*Judd’s Law (I am sure someone else discovered this for themselves in the past)

β€˜If the motion of any FORM (Mass) anywhere in space is stopped, the FORM will always move in the line of least resistance’

Through empty space

through which a FORM (for example, a PHOTON moving out of its radioactive core

slowly (at its creation) . . .


carries the prime energy source to planet earth . . .




All electromagnetic radiation is carried throughout the universe by this PI particle (Photon)

All FORMS everywhere, in (Light Space and Dark Space) (mass/matter/energy), is moving in empty space.

So it is not the FORM (1) (Tau) that allows the life force (electromagnetic radiation)(Energy) to flow through empty space but the empty space (0) within every FORM that can be channeled (a Nuclear Reactor/an apple tree/a piano/your cell phone)(sometimes through a vortex) (a fire hose/river/pyramid/ electric wires) to be used for War or Peace

The constant in our Cosmos is not some sort of general universal force (that doesn’t exist outside Tribal Physics) For example the theory of (Time/Gravity/Time/Space/the Big Bang/singularities) or a FORM of any kind at all. It is . . .

Empty Space

The Present

Now . . .

Empty space in which any movement must occur. When you raise your hand or blink your eye you change the Universe. (Don’t believe that? Take the two selfies on your Cell πŸ™‚

The Present has never moved out of the Present

Manipulating this electromagnetic radiation (its wavelengths)(energy) is critical to the survival of life as we know it on our planet earth.

And all of you are hope. Learn to think for yourself. Count your blessings have a passionate purpose in your life and make sure whatever you do, in your behavior,  whatever beliefs you may have . . . harms neither yourself nor anyone else.

Good luck


                  HOPE An original digital painting by H Stanley Judd

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