PHYSICS: Outside of the Human Condition What’s really going on in Black Holes

What’s really going on in Black Holes in cosmic galaxies?

empty space.

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As a former Naval Officer I have ridden through a Black Hole in a Typhoon off the coast of Sasebo, a Navy port in Japan). So you don’t have to go to outer space to understand how Black Holes work.

All FORMS live in empty space
“The FORM Mater takes depends upon the conditions in which each FORM (a cow/an apple/you/your cell phone) exists in empty space.”
                                   H Stanley Judd


Some tribal religions got it right:

“First there was dark, empty space”

and only then

Came the light.

EVERY FORM (MASS) IN THE COSMOS CANNOT CREATE EMPTY SPACE (an apple/you/the full moon (actually, we’ve never seen a full moon, only half of it)

What followa is PHYSICS outside of the human condition without theory

empty space always creates FORM not the other way around.

“Well,” you may ask, “what about the Big Bang?”

Answer outside of physics in the human condition?

Who cares?

While children all over the world are being harmed by the practice of tribal physics in the Human Condition


As a galaxy reforms when a new star uplifts itself out of Dark Space into Light Space, the star creates a new FORM – a Galaxy like our Milky Way with one more new star



Do you believe by raising your hands you change the entire cosmos

Well you do and here’s how to prove it.

take a ‘selfie’ with your hand in your lap

now raise your hand and take another ‘selfie’

you just changed the entire cosmos (in the present) into a new FORM


As the electromagnetic radiation (beginning with VHE (very high energy) gamma rays (“the most energetic form of light”) in a star cools, the star becomes heavier and spirals downward toward the bottom of the Galaxy.
Until it finally falls out of the galaxy downward through the Black Hole into empty Dark Space.


Here is an experiment you can do right now.
1. Put a plug in a sink and fill it water
2. Crush some potato chips (or other small objects that float) and scatter them in the water
3. Pull the plug
4. Watch what happens and you will now understand how stars fall out of galaxies 
through Black Holes into Dark Space.
There are no general forces in our Universe (for example Gravity/time/time-space/ether theories)
Like other past theories in Tribal Physics that proved to be incorrect, (for example/a flat earth/our planet at the center of the Universe)(the concept of time and time/space) or any other general force controlling our Universe (other than empty space and temperature)) must join them.


Because if we do not understand how our Universe works outside the Human Condition we are on the verge of destroying life as we know it in our garden (planet earth) (through nuclear warfare/ by destroying the food chain/by polluting the air) (all of which is bad for kids)

Our Universe has never left the present (past and future do not exist)(except as theories in the Human Condition)
Instead, if you and I fly to Egypt and ride a camel to touch the Great Pyramid  The Great Pyramid has never, ever, left the present.

So what has happened is not FORM moving through TIME (that exists only in the Human Condition (theory)
But instead, FORM  moving through space – NEVER LEAVING THE PRESENT.
THE TRIBAL THEORY OF TIME AND TIME/SPACE is incorrect and does not exist outside of the Human Condition
The driving force in the universe is the temperature (in empty space)

“The energy level of a photon depends upon its frequency (E=hv). “At a temperature of absolute zero (0)Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) the electromagnetic energy level in a photon equals Zero”

– H Stanley Judd

In Dark Space, (unless an outside force is applied) all objects with mass spiral into Dark Space through a Black Hole (It is my understanding that we may be finding ‘mini-black holes in our galaxy through which dust is falling through empty light space into Dark Space)

Please remember that what you have just read was discovered in PHYSICS outside the human condition (the study of Reality (the Life Force)(God?) not Tribal Theory)
So make up your mind which Reality you want . . . to drive the rest of your life.
Good luck

H Stanley Judd

In Light Space electromagnetic radiation (frequency/energy) leaving a star creates a new FORM 

everything is PHYSICS

If we spend more time understanding the PHYSICS of politics instead of building more super nuclear weapons of mass destruction, we can:

“Make the United States of America and the planet a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true”

– H Stanley Judd


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