Physics: outside of the Human Condition

Physics quote of the day. “Every (FORM ) lives not in a Universe but in empty space in which TIME doesn’t exist and TEMPERATURE rules” – H Stanley Judd

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“Life is not a game

If we do not understand how our Cosmos (Reality) works, if we do not abandon Tribal Physics (THEORY) (Newton (ether)/Einstein (space/time) ) and instead understand how PHYSICS works outside of the human condition how can we possibly govern ourselves as we move out of the Tribal Age into the Digital Age? 

By continuing to allow Tribal Physics to rule, we risk plunging our Planet into the Dark Ages of Nuclear War, chaos, tribal slavery (all of which is bad for Kids) and (if left unchecked) human slavery to (AT) artificial intelligence (IT) information technology (MI) mechanical intelligence

The research that follows is based on three assumptions:

  1. all forms exist in empty space “There are no general forces driving empty space. TEMPERATURE RULES”H Stanley Judd
  2. ““At a temperature of absolute zero (0)Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) the electromagnetic energy level in a photon equals Zero” – H Stanley Judd
  3. ‘The form matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space’ – H Stanley Judd

These fundamentals apply to all matter/energy in the Universe. Actually the word, ‘Universe‘ is flawed in that no universal forces (Time)(Space)(Space/Time) (Universal Gravity) exist in Reality and Reality results not from applied outside forces but from the conditions in which a FORM exists. So it is Temperature in the end that Rules us all

To date Tribal Physics and some Tribal Religions stated physics outside the human condition backward:


Can’t be correct: MASS cannot create empty space. Empty space always creates MASS.


The present, in which all FORMS move. Without empty space, there can be no FORMS (for example the FORM of LIGHT carried by the Photon throughout empty space)



1. Tribal Physics, Tribal μάθημα (máthēma), Tribal Astronomy: (THEORY) (space/time)

2. Physics                                                                                                                         (FORM) (an Apple)





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