PHYSICS is music and some of it is New Orleans Jazz :)

Our Mission: “To make the United States of America and the world a garden in which all children, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

If you understand New Orleans jazz music it is ironic. Though many times it sounds ‘happy’ it is always sad underneath. This is called ‘soul coupled with hope.

So let’s forget tribal politics and enjoy a little New Orleans Jazz composed and performed years ago by H Stanley Judd to go there click below

With which funerals were celebrated with music in apartheid (segregated) communities in which all American children with black skin born in the United States of America have been placed. Their (inherent) unalienable rights denied by nine lawyers allowing

2. Go to the back of the bus

3. You must drink from the ‘colored fountain’

4. But if you have black skin 7262 of you were killed in the unnecessary war in Vietnam to never return as heroes to be spit upon by the anarchist/socialist/ communist/ tribal political thugs of that day.

Isn’t it possible that you could declare a ‘truce‘ on this issue (that never should have been an issue had seven lawyers ruled that day that every American child with black skin cannot be a slave?

The two of you could change this ‘slavery’ instantly, not by creating a new law but 7262ordering the current nine lawyers on the court to strike down all laws that use ‘skin’ color’ or ‘race’ from the United States of America?

Or has the ‘American Dream, (as in 1976 Barbara Jordan as a keynote speaker warned the Democratic Convention in 1976) in the current chaos (that harms all American children) tribal politics

and tribal physicists (the Doctors of death) who have created and now manage 14,500 nuclear weapons in the world. Nine nations are members of the world’s nuke club. The U.S. and Russia own the majority of the world’s nuclear weapons.

To hear what she said please scroll to the bottom of this post.


The following music was composed, performed and orchestrated digitally by H Stanley Judd


New Orleans


Silicon Valley Rag

I started playing new Orleans jazz when I was 12 and in when I was 17, (when my older sister and one of her boyfriends took me (illegally šŸ™‚ into Eddy Condon’s) Wilber de Paris took me under his wing.and after a while let me play the piano between sets.

I have spent personal time with Louis Armstrong and ‘Sweet Emma, the Bell Girl, my friends Bobby Short (Carlyle), Rene Paulo known as “Hawaii’s Favorite and Most Famous Pianist”, and with countless musicians all over the world.


Can’t we all come together and play music instead of waging war, political chaos, and continuing the current behavior that divides the nation today?


Isn’t it time to end skin color as a marker of anything in the new Digital Age? And stop calling each other ‘white’ or ‘black”?



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