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Please enjoy our video, a preview of an exciting new on line resource for the glorious imagination of BOOK. Especially for Kids.

H Stanley Judd

Welcome, to My personal digital library of rare books. Uploaded so that you and others, scholars, and students, everyone else who loves books can access First editions, signed first editions, Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners. Some of the most important books ever published including primarily American writers of fiction (but not exclusively) who were mentors in my life and helped me behave, I hope, in a way that harmed none of the rest of you.

There are no ads, no money on this site, no tracking, and nothing Ingrid (a master teacher) we want from you other than being a guest at our digital home free from stress where you can relax, listen to mellow music, lounge by the Pacific ocean while the sun sets and do whatever you to set your religion or political programming or your national political thinking aside.

Our Mission:

To make the planet “A garden in which all children no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

Our side includes:

First Editions and First signed editions of primarly American writers of fiction in the 20th Century (but not exclusively) F Scott Fitzgerald, Toni Morrison, Ernest Hemingway (signed copy of The Old Man and the Sea), Sinclair Lewis, John Steinbeck (signed copy), James Baldwin (signed copy, (we shared the same literary agent at one time) William Faulkner (I spent three days on and off with him hoping he would tell me how to write books that would earn money. He didn’t) JohnHersey (I once borrowed a sleeping bag from him to use on a fishing trip to Nova Scotia) Robert Peen Waren (one of my mentors at Yale) Willy Mays (we worked together when I had my talk show in San Francisco and many other writers, musicians, Rudolf Nureyev, Bing Crosby (who was kind enough to guide me toward how Hollywood works) Rod Serling (my friend and mentor) and many others.

I strongly urge you to encourage kids to learn to read books to keep personal imagination alive in the digital age.

ON this site we (Ingrid, a master teacher in the Palo Alto School District who died too young 5 years ago) invite you to share and encourage your kids to share the wonder of books, the imagination they are not developing from texting or looking at on the internet

Honors graduate Yale ’59, I became an internationally published and quoted American author who on this site hopes to create a safe space on the internet in which we can all learn how to manage our personal behavior (Kuleana in Hawaiian) so that our behavior from this moment on, no matter what tribal political power each of us may have, harms not a single child alive today on planet earth

I urge you and your family to start saving our rare books from the dustbin of used book stores and take your kids into the used book stores, by up the wonderful books gathering dust there and take them home to build your own personal library of the books you and your family love. HSJ