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(a) At a temperature of absolute zero (()Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) (-459.67°F) (zero heat) the electromagnetic energy level in a photon = 0
(b)The form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space
(c) The universe recycles itself
(d) Temperature, not gravity governs motion in our Universe

At a temperature of absolute zero the photon’s electromagnetic radiation level  (E) = zero.
This unified theory offers a Universe without Relativity, without singularities, without a Big Bang, without Time and without universal forces (for example, a universal gravitational force). Forces are created only by the interaction between matter and space. Space does not exist and has no properties and therefore cannot be manipulated, bent or curved.
E=0 revisits the ‘Big Bang Theory’ and instead suggests that images from Hubble and space probes indicate that our Universe recycles itself. It presents new evidence that our Universe is a constant that neither expands nor contracts. Matter/energy expands and contracts in our Universe. It questions the existence of Universal forces (gravity, time, space with properties) and instead offers a fundamental law that applies everywhere in our Universe:
‘The form matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space’.
It concludes that the Hubble Red Shift does not only measure distance but also temperature
E = 0
the theory
At a temperature of absolute zero  the photon’s electromagnetic wave energy is transformed into mass, into particle matter so the cosmic cycle begins again. Dark matter (matter without electromagnetic  radiation) collides to form the birth of a new star in the womb of Dark Space.
When the new object’s weight reaches critical mass it triggers a nuclear event and takes its place as a rising star in the Universe.
the universe recycles itself.
“The form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.”

E = 0  is based on the following assumptions (postulates):
The form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
Every force requires a source
Our Universe recycles itself
Understanding the Cosmic Cycle
1. our universe is made up of space and matter.
2. Matter has three and only three dimensions.
3. Our Universe is made up of Light Space (space in which there is electromagnetic radiation) and Dark Space (space in which at a temperature of absolute zero (()Kelvin) (-273.15° Celsius) there is no electromagnetic radiation).
4. the form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
5. the two primary conditions that determine the form matter takes are:
a. Heat (The temperature in our sun’s core is 15 million degrees Celsius
b. Cold (the temperature at absolute zero is -273.15° Celsius.)
6. the principal energy source for our universe is electromagnetic radiation.
7. the electromagnetic radiation that drives our universe is generated by our stars (thermonuclear fusion) and distributed throughout our Universe in the form of elementary particles called photons (packets of energy)(gauge bosons). The energy level of a photon depends upon its frequency (E=hv). The higher the frequency the shorter its wave length.
8. photons that do not collide or become absorbed in light space continue to travel into dark space.

As photons enter Dark Space (space without electromagnetic radiation) their frequency level slows until at the temperature of absolute zero (zero heat) their radiation level is reduced to zero. And when molecular motion stops, photons lose their form (plasma) to merge into photon BECs (Boise-Einstein Condensation) and become in effect, star dust.
This star dust along with the flotsam and jetsam of dead and dying stars, dust, gas, collide and in Dark Space like a black snowball grow until the mass of the new object creates a nuclear event (thermonuclear fusion) that drives the crust of the new star away from or into the star as the new star rises through the nebula.
So there you have it. A Universe without Relativity in which time and space do not exist (for different reasons) made up of matter and space in which the form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
Whatever you see, be it a bee or a bonnet or a BEC, the same fundamentals are at work.
So the unifying ‘force’ of our Universe is not a ‘force’ (for example, gravity) but the lack of a unifying ‘force’ … nothing … space … Zero, 0, in which infinite forms are created, changed, destroyed and reborn in the conditions in which matter exists in the cosmic cycle.
There are no general forces either holding together or tearing apart our universe.
The form matter takes depends upon the conditions in which matter exists in space.
“Our Universe recycles itself.”
– H. Stanley Judd

physics, what went wrong?
‘Physics without philosophy is like eating apple pie without the apples.’
As we face nuclear proliferation (new bombs, new tribal warfare) one has to wonder what happened?

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