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IMG_0052March 16, 2018, BREAKING NEWS, For immediate Release
H Stanley Judd – Digital Publisher

“Over the last month or so we have been tweeting some of the most powerful people on our planet, asking them if they will join us at  in an American National Day of Reconciliation on August 4th, 2018, A day when we all turn off our i phones, computers and the internet and gather to meet our family, friends and neighbors to ask forgiveness for the harm we have all done to American kids for the past 227 years by denying them their full rights under our Constitution because their skin was not white.
What follows is a list of those people we tweeted:
We received only 2 personal tweets back. Can you guess who they were?
Condoleezza Rice,Nobel Peace Center,Melania Trump,Rep. Ted Deutch,Jeb Bush,Senator Rand Paul,Cory Booker,Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge,HRH Prince William,Marco Rubio,Senate Republicans,Tulsi Gabbard,Colleen Hanabusa,Brian Schatz,Maxine Waters,Senator Mazie Hironoz,Bill Clinton,Senate Democrats,Bill Gates,Pope Francis,Donald McEachin,Tim Scott,Angel Ureña,Bush Foundation,Lester Holt,Mitt Romney,Newt Gingrich,Leader McConnell,Nancy Pelosi,Chuck Schumer,Paul Ryan,Sarah Sanders, Pablo Arratia@Vatican,The White House,The Obama Foundation,Donald J. Trump,Hillary Clinton,Oprah Winfrey,Joe Biden,Michelle Obama
H Stanley Judd (my friends call me ‘Skip’)