Physics: the new Non-Tribal Universe – Adults can understand






Ingrid M Judd

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Here is how our Universe works outside the  Tribal Human Condition of

(Tribal Physics (Theory ) Einstein/Newton)


Managed by (God?) (The LIFE FORCE) (there are no atheists denying The Life Force) (LIGHT) (electromagnetic radiation)

And each and every FORM in our Universe is controlled by TEMPERATURE (LIGHT)

And the FORM matter matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space” – H Stanley Judd


“If we do not understand how our Universe (Reality) works, if we do not abandon Tribal Physics (THEORY) (Newton/Einstein) and practice PHYSICS (FORM) outside of the human condition how can we possibly govern ourselves as we move out of the Tribal Age into the Digital Age?  By continuing to allow Tribal Physics to rule, do we not risk plunging our Planet into the Dark Ages of Nuclear War, chaos, tribal slavery (all of which is bad for Kids) and (if left unchecked) human slavery to (AT) artificial intelligence (IT) information technology (MI) mechanical intelligence

“The form matter/energy takes depends upon the conditions in which matter/energy exists in space” – H Stanley Judd

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American poetry


“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concerns, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”


John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Madonna shopper


On sunset’s shores the moon will always rise

But not Love

Walking, hand in hand,
the magic touch, laughter over simple things
Now just empty footprints in the sand

Memory, was it really true?
or was our kiss a phantom dream?

There are moments in our lives
when love comes in out of nowhere.
and If we fail to seize the moment,
fades away, leaving us to wonder
what might have been.

Memories, good and bad
that form the structure of our lives.
The young Lieutenant off Vladivostok’s shores
The  Russian Badgers overhead.
A wave to the pilot, guns loaded, but silent then
A gunnery officer who with a single order
could start a war?
Who knows.

Empty footprints in the sand
where once we walked, hand in hand
to celebrate the Universe with a kiss.

“When you are with me. it is if a star has fallen from the night sky

                                    to light up my life.





The following music was composed, performed and orchestrated digitally by H Stanley Judd


New Orleans


By the sea


Silicon Valley Rag

Holding hands with God